Preparations When Selling A Timeshare

Selling a timeshare has to be legitimate and should follow the correct process or else you will end up having trouble with the authorities. Considering that timeshare resales are lower that your original purchased price, you might not gain even a single penny if you will go for the latter option.


Actually, the only thing that you should prepare when selling a timeshare is your paperwork. All legal documents related to your timeshare should be intact and ready for turnover to the new owner. The paperwork should include all of the properties you own along with the other important details that should be included in it like the amenities, information on tax and maintenance fee, and all other legal documents that you received from the manager upon acquiring the timeshare.

In selling a timeshare, always give a reasonable price for transparency purposes. Present it in manner that will convince your buyer that what you are offering is a great deal.