Beginner In Archery? Bear Archery Encounter Could Be Your Best Option

The new Bear Archery Encounter could be a practical choice for beginners in hunting with its smooth, comfortable performance and user-friendly technology, offering smooth, quiet and lightweight handling. The attractive features include:

  • Straight, neutral aluminum Riser with one string suppressor, reducing vibration to a great extent. 
  • Grip contains two simple, thin side-panels designed for minimum torque on hand with sufficient balance.
  • The E2-cam on encounter offers smooth draw rotating on dual stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Encounter provides good balance, easy holding for full draw with 80% let off.
  • The hard back wall isn’t hard to hold allowing a quiet operation, minimal vibration which can be further enhanced with stabilizer. 
  • Flared quad limbs from Bear help distribute stress evenly to make clean shots.
  • Bear Encounter comes with ready-to-hunt kits.

Bear Encounter is an excellent tool in hunting or recreational shooting from entry level hunters. Considering the value, this bow will occupy top of the list.